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Rollover on Highway 174 leaves driver with minor injuries



At around 1:30 pm, a driver rolled over in his car. The vehicle flipped as he was heading westbound on Highway 174, near Orléans Boulevard. Police and Emergency crews responded to the scene.

The highway was closed so that the debris from the rollover could be cleared. The driver of the vehicle was taken to hospital with minor injuries. Closure of the highway led to congestion, but the road was reopened later to allow for a smooth flow of traffic.

Two people Hospitalized After a car ends on the steps of a church in Hamilton



The event happened on Cope St. and Barton St. E, on Sunday morning around 1:50 am. Two vehicles were involved in a crash, a Chevrolet Trailblazer and a Ford Flex. The Chevrolet was heading east and vice-versa.

It is believed that the Trailblazer sideswiped the Ford before losing control. It then hit a fence and ended up on the front porch of a church, i.e. the St. Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Church.

The man and woman in the Chevrolet were rushed to hospital in critical condition while the driver of the Ford suffered minor injuries. He was taken to a hospital too and was released later.

The police are carrying out investigations on the crash.

Highway 17 Collision kills One



The Ontario Provincial Police confirmed that the collision on Highway 17, around Rutherglen Ontario, left one person dead. An SUV that was heading eastbound, crossed over the center line and collided with an oncoming pickup truck.

It was determined after the collision that the driver of the SUV was dead. Luckily, the driver of the pickup truck suffered no injuries. The accident led to the closure of the Highway for several hours.

The road was later reopened at around 6:00 pm to give the authorities ample time to carry out investigations into the cause of the collision.

Teen girl involved in Cycling accident Suffers Head Injury at a Park in Brampton



A fun cycling expedition turned somber after a girl of 17 years of age lost control, crashed and fell to the ground, as she hit her head violently. She was with a group of other teens and were cycling down a hill at a Park.
The Police Constable of Peel attested to the events. According to the police, this incident took place at around 8 pm, in the Park. The police, paramedics, and fire department were called to the rescue, at the Chinguacousy Park.
There was no other injury in the event, and the girl was taken to the Toronto Trauma Center where she is still in critical condition.

Truck Hits Bridge at Kennedy Center Leading to Suspension of SRT Service



The service at Scarborough route was suspended after a truck that was passing, below the trucks at the Kennedy Station, touched the bridge. The truck was entering the station under the raised part of the tracks when it hit the bridge.
The event took place at around 8:30 in the morning. The spokesperson of TTC says that workers are carrying out tests on the structure of the bridge to find out if there was any damage done to it.
In the meantime, the service of SRT has been suspended. It remains unclear when normalcy will return in the area. On the other hand, the truck was cleared, but the tests are still undergoing.

Two Vehicle Collide in Ajax leaving a senior man with critical injuries



Yesterday afternoon, a car and a truck crashed near the border of Pickering and Ajax. The truck was pulling a trailer. The passengers of the truck had minor injuries even though the police could not confirm how many they were.
A senior man who was involved in the crash suffered critical injuries. He had to be transported to Sunnybrook Hospital by air. He is in stable condition. Tests are being taken to determine the extent of his wounds.
The accident took place in the Durham region, at Westney and Taunton roads. The police were forced to close the road from Harwood Avenue to Ravenscroft Road.

Evacuation as Transport Truck Carrying Toxic Chemicals Overturns




A transport truck that was carrying phosphine overturned near St. Catherines. This event happened on Wednesday last week, around 3:20 pm, according to the OPP. Phosphine is usually, odorless and colorless.
Even though, it is highly flammable, volatile and toxic; it is used to fumigate and control pests in farms. The gas attacks the human body, like a military-grade nerve gas; and could explode by exposure to water, according to the Canadian Press Report.
The incident led to the evacuation and shelter-in-place order for residents and businesses as several lanes were closed. A shelter was set up at Seymour-Hannah Sports and Entertainment Centre, and residents asked to shut their windows and turn off their air conditioners.
Tests carried out showed no traces of leakage of the toxic material. There were no injuries reported due to the incident. Most lanes were reopened several hours later, around 3:30 am.

Garden City Skyway Closed after Truck Flips over




A pickup truck flipped over after colliding with a car, at around 9.00 am, Thursday, on the eastbound lanes of QEW. The force caused the truck to flip over the median and into oncoming traffic. It then led to a chain reaction of collisions along the highway.
At least six vehicles were involved in the crash, including a transport truck that was hauling several vehicles, a dump truck, SUV, and several other vehicles. One man was trapped in the debris; luckily, he was extracted and transported to the hospital with only minor injuries.
The Ontario Provincial Police had to close most of the westbound lanes for about two hours to give room for clearing the wreckage. Traffic on the roads was given time to subside before the lanes were closed a second time.
It was to allow investigators to access the scene of the accident, safely. Traffic had to be steered off the highway. In turn, it led to the slow flow of traffic in the city.
Investigations into the cause of the collision are still underway. Traffic is back to normal as the lanes have since been reopened.

Ontario Federation of Labour launches prevention program for injured workers


Aiming to promote more safety for those who are returning to work after an injury, the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) will be launching the Prevention Link program, build to create healthier workplaces in the province. The program will utilize updated data to comprehend in which areas they should focus their efforts to achieve better results for workers.

In Ontario, there are about 5,3 million people working in 16 different industries. Every year, thousands of those are injured or even dead because of work-related accidents or diseases. In 2015, 229,000 registered claims because of work-related injuries, and this is only the number of people that, in fact, were compensated. Sadly, the number of people who have been injured are even higher.

Prevention Link counts with the support of Ontario’s Ministry of Labour Prevention Office and has been improved to represent its focus: to enhance primary and secondary prevention of workplace injury and illness with the help of volunteers that included in their daily work routine. They also aim to prevent new injuries at work after recovering from the previous one.

Even with this kind of prevention program, accidents are unpredictable and, unfortunately, can happen at any time. If you or a loved one is injured in a work-related accident in Brampton, Mississauga or Toronto, call us, at Kalsi & Associates, for a free consultation. With an experienced team of personal injury lawyers, we will do our best to help you get fairly compensated for your injury. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Canada: Uber – Are You Covered Under Insurance If Injured?

Source: Mondaq

Everyone already knows what Uber is. What many riders and drivers need to understand, however, is that there can be some issues regarding coverage related to car accidents while in or involving an Uber car.

Prior to July 2016, if a rider or a driver had a car accident with an Uber driver in which the Uber driver was at fault, the insurer of the Uber driver could have denied third-
party liability coverage. That could happen because, under the standard policy of insurance that is provided to individual drivers in Ontario, there is an exclusion clause thatstates thatif the automobile is being used to carry passengers for remuneration coverage may not be extended to the driver. In the situation, the Uber driver could be personally exposed to a claim for damages resulting from a personal injury.

Also, if the Uber driver is also injured in thecar accident, he or she would be restricted as to what no-fault Accident Benefits they would be able to receive under their policy of insurance. Should the insurer find a breach of the policy, the available Accident Benefits would be restricted to medical rehabilitation benefits only and no income replacement benefitsor compensation for other expenses.

But it has changed, at least for Uber drivers who are also Intact Insurance clients.They are now covered under the Uber commercial policy that is offered through Intact Insurance.

This policy of insurance is offered in phases which have different corresponding insurance coverages.The first phase is when the app is turned on and before the driver accepts a trip. During this stage, the Uber driver is covered for a maximum of $1,000,000 third party liability coverage. The second phase is from when the driver accepts the trip, through when the passenger is in the vehicle and ends when the passenger exits the vehicle. Under the commercial policy for this stage, Uber drivers are covered for a maximum of $2,000,000 third party liability coverage. After the trip ends and the Uber application is switched off, the insurance coverage is not applicable anymore.Because of that, drivers must also carry a personal auto policy.

With Uber becoming more and more popular, it is expected that more insurers will offer this coverage or a similar type of coverage in the near future. This insurance is important because it not only allows the Uber driver to be protected from being personally exposed should they be sued but also protects individuals injured when involved in a collision with an Uber car.